Explore Explora.

Explora was not a concept or an idea, she just came about, without asking without knocking at the Marco Motor's door.
first she is a visualizing of a special part of his soul.. she came when he was out of space for days as if he would pick up that really special state of mind and cover it over my outside like a condom....
on the other side Explora is that part of Marco Motor the society is so afraid of...man-lady, beautiful, but a monster too...the feminine parts inside of him...she is his answer to pressure from the outside, pressure from the inside and Explora is the answer to all that.
...when on the road, Explora,marco, theres no difference...i couldnt say who is the louder one for example...the creative process is when she gets born..its everytime a new one,he designs her everytime new with a new "look" and a lot of violence against my body lots of glue and thousands of fixing pins...in the end Marco has to kill her, to break her away from my body
Explora is performing all over Germany so keep checking.

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