Christos Kapralos, Homoanarchist.

        What fascinates you about photography?

I started doing photography when I was 15 years old. The thematology of my pictures includes some self portraits and street snapshots as well. Everything fascinates me in my work. Most of all though, the preparation of the area where I intend to take some self portraits, the results and the editing of my pictures. And last but not least the sound of my camera, it always excites me.

Where do you seek inspiration?

I get inspired by almost everything. Music, my family, my friends and so much more. I’m not always in the mood for creation though, which actually explains why my pictures’ thematology mainly consists of portraits of me, people close to me, objects and places that are familiar to me. All of my pictures constitute the Homoanarchy experiential project. All of them are true pieces of experience and real situations I go through with nothing being set up. Photography is my whole life.

What are the aspects you like to include in your pictures?

As I mentioned before, both my whole life and all of my photographs are a project. They include everyday moments and parts of my life, which can be easily noticed, looking at my work.

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