Polly Balitro's Bottle Messages.

It's best you dont miss out on this:
Tarinoita Itämerestä - Stories from the Baltic Sea is a project which aims to raise an awareness of the importance of the Baltic Sea. It is part of the Birtish Council Finland's Challenge Europe project which goal is to create and develop new ways to approach climate change. During winter 2010-2011 various stories related to the sea were collected from people of all ages that are or have been in connection with the Baltic Sea. A group of artists have created different environmental artworks, which are now exhibited on Harakka Island (Helsinki) until the end of May. 
Pulloviesti Kokoelma Itämereltä - Collection of Bottle-Messages from the Baltic Sea is Polly Balitro’s contribution to Tarinoita Itämerestä.
Being very sensitive to environmental issues artis Polly Balitro, living in Helsinki by the sea, has developed a great awareness of the danger of pollution. As the most common way to send an SOS message is a bottle in the sea, she has decided the sea itself shall be sending her own SOS messages to communicate. She has collected different types of waste from the shores which she has divided into bottles according to colours and material. Part she is showcasing in a vitrine and part on the shores of Harakka island where the exhibition takes place. With a series of handcrafted postcards which present a map on the back side every visitor could follow a path to find all the rest of the bottle-messages around the island.

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