When Fashion meets Art: Paulina Surys.

Before taking up photography Paulina studied painting at the Fine Arts Academy in Wroclaw, Poland. Inspired by the works of Richter, she started experimenting with mixed media before settling on photography as her preferred medium. Her painting studies are still present when she uses old retouching techniques, paints by hand over photographs, and sometimes the negatives. She usually prefers to shoot on film as it is like a signature or fingerprint, a unique result of time spent in the darkroom. This is why her fashion shoots always result in something unconventional and artistic.

After moving to England she has become interested in the aesthetics and atmospheres of English folklore and traditions especially pagan and witchcraft related rituals, art, music and dance while incorporating her Slavic roots. Currently she is collaborating with a very well known designer and will be exhibited next year during London Fashion Week.

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