London Loves Dorian Gray (an interview).

We have interviewed the most important indie/punk Italian DJ and style icon running the most important event when it comes to underground-alternative-indie-punk-avantguard music at the most important Italian club,  PLASTIC, in Milano. London Loves is in its 9th and very successful year as we speak, while Dorian, who is also behind all the artwork related, is enjoying an astonishing popularity in several European capitals and as a music consultant to various fashion houses.

1. Why London Loves? What made u go for such a british thing?
I always felt some kind of attraction about English culture: my father had a remarkable vinyl collection from the Sixties, which I got lots of inspiration from, dazing myself of Merseybeat sounds, garage, rock'n'roll, also devoting my attention to some major icons of those days from Dusty Springfield to Sandy Shaw, not to miss out Elton John, Rod Stewart, Boy George and Pet Shop Boys which definitely moved my range of interest and affinity over the UK.When I was at junior high school I've been litterally overflown by the wave of britpop and cool britannia.Furthermore, London has been the destination of my summer holiday for more than twelve years consecutively.
Perhaps now I have the name explained.

2. How did it all began for you?
It all started out of boredom!Really few of us in Milan were truly interessed in underground tunes, indie and a way of living that kind of life sincerely every moment and every day. We decided to submit a club night made of all these things we were fond of: our music, our definitely-not-Italian way of thinking, our cute long fringes.
I started playing in a bar called Europe Cafe, which was apparently still celebrating the EU and had the Maastricht deal on its floor. Back then I didn't appreciate much but I'm now thinking of it as something being very cool!
Things began to get well on our side and may people noticed the music, despite of the venue, music that I used to play using old walkmans to be opened individually every time I had to change a cd!!Mods, punks, skins, common people made of London Loves a genuine common ground.
After six months then, I guessed we could probably try and move it all to a proper club, after the lead of club nights like Trash in London or Club Bang in L.A. As of today I'm still amazed of the way things went: the owner of club Plastic, Italy's most famous and glamorous, noticed our ideas and potential and opened us the doors of a venue which is considered as a shrine of international nightlife.
Since then everything got better and evolved, and London Loves is now at its ninth year of life, offering only the best of international music with concerts, events and guests.

3. Out of dead and living artists, what would be your dream line up and why?

My personal line-up for a mini festival of living dead would be: Rob Zombie + Paul Anka + PULP + Dead Kennedys + Andrew WK... Now I need a bunch of babes so I'd say Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill, and a surf touch with Annette Funicello and some old school romance with Little Peggie March. Some gay rap then with Cazwell and fresh rookies like Iceage.
As a favor to a friend of mine I want to put him in the line up, so he could play the best festival of his life and then retire: Death in Plains. Check it out:
A real carousel of bad taste, melody, mistaken-pop, horror, romance and punk, much, much better of every pre-packed drag that you could find around.

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