Interview with Scott Hunter.

1. What do you think makes analog photography different from digital?
Analog photography has a soul. I'm not sure that digital is photography anymore, i'm not sure what that is now...graphic design or something...not even good graphic design. I can explore film grain all day is too harsh. I only really use digital for test shots now.

 What do you love about light leaks?
I guess it's the sporadicness of them. They can create some really interesting abstract images. Some of the old Polaroids I use leak which has actually enhanced the image on occasion. They enable even a simple snapshot to become unique.

3. H
ow come you got interested in photography?
It started off as a documentation of my travels. Having worked in a variety of creative arts projects i have met a lot of interesting and talented people (street artists, musicians etc. so i started photographing them as a diary really. People seemed to like my approach to photography as i strayed from the norm and i guess it all just evolved from there. Now i try to explore the art of photography.

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