Interview with Charlotte Signell.

(portrait of Charlotte Signell by Amanda M. Jansson)

(photos by Lina Eidenberg)

1. What's the most fun partabout being a stylist?
I don't consider myself a stylist exactly, I´m ajournalist and sometimes editors ask me to do stylistjobs, but it has neverbeen my plan. I actually don´t even think I´m that good at styling but it´s niceto be creative and come up with ideas.The most fun part must be to mix stuff up and try to turn my vision into a beautiful or crazy picure. I work with a lotof photografhers and it´s really inspiring to just sit down and brainstormideas.

2. Which decade interests you the most regardingfashion and styling?
The sixties and the seventies. I just lovepictures, music and clothes from that era. You know I have so many dressesfrom the 60s-7s0 that I used to call myself a dress collector as an excuse to buymore of them. I love psychadelic patterns, big hair and false eyelashes.

3. What are your favourite designers or shops?
Ohh I´m trying to NOT shop. I think people consumetoo much, I prefer vintage clothes. I have never been a fashionable girl in the conventional sense. Idress in stuff I find in my mother's basement most of the time, it´s like thebest place ever to find stuff in. But it´s empty soon. I care more aboutvisions than trends. My swedish favorite designer is Ida Sj√∂stedt, just loveher cute fairytale dresses. I´ve done a lot of wedding fashion reports and herdresses are perfect as wedding dresses. Diana Orving is another of my swedishfavorite designers. My favorite shops are: Tjallamalla, FlyingA vintage, Less is more and Cherry on top. Sometimes I shopat Beyond Retro too.

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